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Hi! I'm Kassidy...
and I'm about to get deep for a moment because in this life, ain't nobody got time to beat around the bush!

As babies, we are all born perfect and, as long as our basic needs are met, we are also born happy. The older we get, the more we lose sight of the perfection and happiness deep within ourselves. We get caught up in patterns of behaviors and the day-to-day grind...which often includes dedication to our career, sacrifices for our family, mindless scrolls through technology, and numbing routines. We settle for quick, temporary relief to help us along to the next day. 

I was this person. I lost sight of myself and I did it ALL, thinking that the more I did, the happier I'd be. A highly-regarded and rewarding career? Check. Dream home? Check. A graduate degree and more money? Check. A fulfilling marriage and family? Check. Check. Check. I ran myself in circles, never stopping to question what really makes me happy or what would make my ONE life meaningful and...full. Not full of things or accomplishments...but full of joy, love, and experiences. In fact, I came to realize that I ran after all of these external accomplishments, to prove to myself internally that I am worthy of love and abundance. It took a LOT of physical and emotional work, and many trials and errors, to recognize that I still am that perfect, happy child...

born with a world of potential and possibilities in front of me.



And YOU are too. 

I was also raised by a mom who has struggled with mental illness her entire life. I've watched her turn to everything external...alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, medical doctors...clinging to the false idea that she's internally broken and imperfect. Her story, though traumatic for me as a child, has positively influenced my own...

I've gotten the certifications, examined alternative methods of healing and self-actualization, read the ins and outs of integral psychology, neuroscience, gut health, ya-da-ya-da. I stay up-to-date on the research. I walk the talk. And all of that brings me to a simple truth:

What you do with your body everyday directly impacts your mind.

Your health directly impacts your happiness. 

 And your health and happiness

impacts everyone around you.

Your family.

Your friends.

Your kids.

So here I am. And here you are. I am not a talented athlete (ask my husband about my coordination), many have witnessed my awkward moments (in and outside of the gym), and I still indulge in sugar and wine (yep I said it)...but I have built a body, mind, and life that I genuinely love.

A life that I can't get enough of. 

I've lived the experience of healing

through movement, food, and mindfulness

Long, sustainable healing and health.


It is my purpose in life to help you optimize your own health...

your physical AND mental health...

so you can live each day with genuine, deep-rooted happiness.


Don't believe that you have an inner child? Or that you can ever be any healthier or happier? Think about any baby you've known. They're perfect, worthy of abundance and love, and have a world of possibility ahead of them. Yea...that was you once too.

All you need is already within.

Let me help you uncover it


Meet your happiness coach!

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