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And still...


An 8 Week Intensive Group Course


Sort through your shit...

So you can smoothly sail into a summer

full of growth and opportunity!

What You'll Learn:

  • How to Tune Into and Reconnect with your Intuition… so you can confidently navigate your relationship with food, your body...and others...every day! With a deep knowing that you ALWAYS have access to it as your guide!

  • How to Process Difficult Moments of Life in a Healthy Manner and With you can quickly return to love and faith when fear pops up in the form of self-doubt, anxiety, helplessness, frustration, or depression

  • The Connection Between Your Gut Health and Mental Health...and how to maximize both through diversity and balance (say goodbye to mood swings, anxiety, stomach issues, skin conditions)

  • How to Recognize, Reconnect With and Love the Inner Child Within Yourself…so you can show up confidently in all areas of your life with a genuine compassion for yourself

  • How to Recognize the Inner Child Within Others...Family, Partners, Friends, you can greet them with love and compassion...while also holding true to your own boundaries and beliefs

  • How Your Experiences Impact your Beliefs and you can lovingly transcend self-destructive ones...and leave behind shame, blame, and self-doubt

This Course is For YOU If:

  • You’ve tried many different programs and lifestyle changes, but feel like you’re taking a shot in the dark every time, hoping that the next new thing will finally work for you. You’d love to have a healthy, intuitive relationship with your body and feel in control of your outcomes. 

  • You struggle with boundaries around your time, relationships, and responsibilities...and find yourself letting others rule how healthy and happy you are. This can look like devoting all your time to work or kids, taking on others’ moods as your own responsibility, feeling like you never have enough time in the day to take care of yourself, etc. 

  • You’ve struggled with self-doubt, shame or other toxic thoughts ...and you’re ready to move beyond them in a supportive environment... so you can greet challenging situations and relationships with confidence and compassion.

  • You know some of your feelings and habits are self-sabotaging...such as compulsive eating, drinking, shopping or scrolling, getting stuck in stories of comparison, judgement, grudges or resentment, drama, self-criticism, etc... and you’re ready to replace them with esteem and health-building, happiness-inducing feelings and habits instead. 

  • You’ve struggled relentlessly with symptoms like chronic fatigue / exhaustion, weight fluctuation, stress, anxiety, mood swings, depression, or digestive issues… and when they pop up, all consistency and good habits fall off the wagon.

While this list is certainly not exhaustive, these are some of the experiences women message me about… almost daily. With my partnership and support, they reclaim the power within themselves, using many of the same techniques and strategies we’ll use in this group setting. 

What Your Journey Will Look Like:

For eight weeks, we'll meet once a week in a small group*, for a 90 minute Zoom session. These classes will include learning, journaling, and guided meditations, along with plenty of Q and A time to assist you begin your healing and transformative journey to reclaim your power and optimize your life. 

You will receive a follow up email each week with the recorded session link as well as easy-to-fill-out handouts and simple, intentional exercises to complete. You can complete these before our next session or on your own time.

If you’re not able to attend a session, again, you will receive a link to the recorded call to download and watch anytime.


Attendance is not required for this course...but trust me, there’s an incredible power that exists when we get together to support each other during our live sessions. In order to maximize your benefit and transformation during these 8 weeks, I recommend carving out the sacred time and space for yourself to fully immerse in the process. 

While this is a group class, and I will not be available for individual support, there will be time during each class to ask questions and receive feedback. If you need additional support or have questions you don’t feel comfortable asking in class, you can email me between classes and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible, most likely within 48 hours.

*This class will be limited to 10 attendees to retain a sense of safety and intimacy for those able to attend live sessions as well as to give everyone ample space to ask questions if desired. A smaller group also allows for deeper connections that last long after our time together. 

Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first serve basis.

Course Outline


Week 1: Intro to the Inner and Outer Work…

  • Why Both are Necessary to Truly Transform and Lead a Life you LOVE

Week 2: Reconnecting with Your Intuition

  • Learn to Listen to Your Gut Instinct as She Guides You in Your Relationships with Food and Movement...And Deepen Your Understanding of the Mind-Gut Connection

Week 3: Mastering Your Mental (and Physical) Health Through Nutrients

  • Learn about Nutrient-Dense Foods and Why They well as the Energy Food Carries… and How to Pick and Prioritize Foods that Heal and Fuel You (even when you’re crunched with time)

Week 4: Evolving your Energy Levels

  • Finding Balance in a Busy World, Tuning into How You Give Your Valuable Energy Away, and Setting Sustainable Boundaries so You Can Prioritize Your Health 

Week 5: Unshakable Self-Love and Addressing Your Inner Child

  • We all have an inner child that needs love and healing, yet we’re often taught to put everyone else’s needs before our own or to keep pushing ahead often, we’ve neglected her or never consciously acknowledged her. 

Week 6: Acknowledging the Inner Child in Others

  • You’ll learn about the various ways that wounds surface in others, including those closest to you, so you can meet their inner child with compassion...without compromising the boundaries and care you’ve created for yourself.

Week 7: Moving From Fear to Faith

  • Trusting In the Beauty of Your Life’s Path...So Feelings of Uncertainty, Anxiety, or Depression Only Visit for Moments Rather than Directing the Course of your Life

Week 8: Getting Grounded In Your Power

  • Get Crystal Clear on What You Give it Away To…and What Fuels It... So you Can Maintain this Momentum in Life Beyond These 8 Weeks

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I go at my own pace?

A.  Yes, absolutely. While there’s an amazing power that happens when we get together to support each other in our live sessions, these sessions will be recorded and sent to you via email along with any handouts or exercises for that week. So if you’re not able to attend a specific class or any of the classes live, you can watch it at a time that works best for you. 

Q. Will the class be available again?

A.  This is the first time I have led these teachings in a group format, so I’m not certain of a an upcoming future date yet. I will most likely run the course again later this year. No dates are set as of now…and this will be the first and last time this program is offered at this investment.

Q. What exactly is the mind-gut connection? Why do you focus on food AND mental health?

A. Old-school science and medicine used to think that the brain and body operated as separate entities… and in Western medicine, they still are often treated as such (i.e. you may go to a gastrointestinologist for digestive issues, and a psychiatrist or psychologist for mental health issues). However, the latest research (actually research that’s been around for decades now) confirms that all parts of our body operate as a complex, intelligent - and interconnected -  operating system… and specifically, our gut is connected directly to our brain through our nervous system - specifically through the vagus nerve. If you’re fascinated now… I can’t wait for you to sink your teeth into everything you’ll learn in this program!


Essentially, what we feed and do with our bodies every day determines how we feel on a physical AND mental level. And when our gut is healthy and our body thrives, we’re able to develop resiliency, not just to physical threats like disease and viruses, but to emotional threats, challenges, and traumas. So in short, when working with clients, I focus on food first because it’s often the most impactful form of medicine. Given that we eat every day, many times a day, food is the largest change agent (in a positive sense or sadly, a negative sense) in our bodies. And nothing in our body operates in when our body experiences chronic illness, disease, or stress (essentially non-emergency situations), these chronic illnesses shouldn’t be treated in isolation. For example, in a perfect world, your GI doc would regularly be in contact with your psychologist or neurologist.  

Q. Do I need anything specific to participate?

A. Just access to a computer, email and the ability to sign into Zoom for our live sessions.

Q. What is the schedule and time?

A. Live group sessions will be held on Wednesdays at 5 PM PST. Week 1 will begin April 21st, 2021 and week 8 will wrap up Wednesday, June 9th , you can smoothly sail into summer!

Your Investment:​ $297

Ready to RISE?

What people are saying...

"Kassidy is not just interested in investing in weight loss or short term health. She wants to help women live their healthiest lives... I’ve worked with personal trainers and nutrition coaches but it was refreshing to see someone interested in the balance between nutrition, activity, and mental health."

- Tiffany, North Carolina

Meet me!

I’m Kassidy... a holistic health and mindset coach, certified personal trainer, and nutrition specialist. 

My passion for whole, mind-body health showed up on my door after a series of life experiences...

and now I help women uncover their healthiest, happiest selves!

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