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5 Day Journey

…to reclaim your power!

If there's ONE THING I've seen in my work with women from all over, it's that somewhere in their journey of life, they LOST their connection to themselves and their inner power. 

And if there's ONE THING that our world desperately needs in this new year, in this decade, it's WOMEN who confidently stand in their power and lead with love for others... for their family, for their friends, for their community...and for OUR WORLD. 

Enough is enough, my fellow female.

I'm ready to see you rise. 

And I invite you to join me in a 5 Day Reclaim your Power

Beginning on Monday January 18th, you'll:


  • Discover the #1 way you unknowingly give away your power…. so you can instead navigate every day (and every situation) with confidence, joy, and compassion.

  • Discover an entirely new view of your body and what she's capable of…. so you can live every day with a relentless belief in her abilities!

  • Discover the BEST way to reconnect with your power daily … so you can ditch the fear and sail through the speedbumps...with light and love!

And you'll gain access to:

  • A private Facebook community

  • Daily 10 minute guided videos…with 1 or 2 action steps that can be done in just 5 minutes or less! You can return back to these anytime!

  • An empowered way of looking at your life... so you can live with the knowingness that you're capable of healing, health, and abundance in 2021 

PLUS these THREE FREE BONUSES upon enrollment:

  • The most simplified shopping list you've ever save you time and headspace for things that matter!
    *normally only give to private clients*

  • Exclusive food journals... to help you along on your journey to conscious eating or weight loss!

  • My "5 Steps to Successfully Start Every Morning" customized guide... to post in your bathroom or fridge!

What people are saying...

"Kassidy is not just interested in investing in weight loss or short term health. She wants to help women live their healthiest lives... I’ve worked with personal trainers and nutrition coaches but it was refreshing to see someone interested in the balance between nutrition, activity, and mental health."

- Tiffany, North Carolina

Meet me!

I’m Kassidy... a holistic health and mindset coach, certified personal trainer, and nutrition specialist. 

My passion for whole, mind-body health showed up on my door after a series of life experiences...

and now I help women uncover their healthiest, happiest selves!

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