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In the Boxing Ring




Release Yourself from Self-Sabotaging Thoughts and Behavior Patterns

Establish Discipline and Intuition to Optimize Your Mental and Physical Health

Show Up with Confidence to Create and Attract Fulfilling Work, Social, and Romantic Relationships

This is for the man who...


Desires a Genuine Confidence in his Physical Health... But Finds Himself Falling Back on Booze, Fast Food, or Quick Fixes that Emphasize His Lack of Discipline

Desires an Unshakable Mental Health that Isn't Built on a Sketchy Foundation of Suppressed Emotions, External Validation, and Stoicism...Emotions that End Up Surfacing Through Other Vices. 

Desires a Life that Feels Balanced Between Work, Family, Fitness, Friendships, and Fun... But Struggles to Establish and Maintain Boundaries

Desires Deeply Fulfilling Work, Family, and Romantic Relationships...But Struggles to Show Up as His Authentic Self in Any of Them

...Knows the game ain't over Yet.

So He's ready to re-invent his story.

This isn't for the man who denies the inner work. Sure, that phrase "inner work" might bring up some initial avoidance, fears, or even an eye roll (especially if your wife or best girl friend led you here)...and we can work through all of those. But if you have a deep-seated belief that inner work ain't necessary, then this isn't the program for you. 

To actually change your life... to stop chasing external validation or running way from your demons on the never-ending treadmill of rewire your brain and body and to re-write your have to first develop an awareness of why you are the way you are, and where your self-sabotaging patterns and behaviors came from...


And that's where I come in. 

Our work together includes...

  • 12 weeks of 60-minute private coaching sessions… real, confidential, non-judgmental talk and guided exercises to get to the root of your beliefs and behaviors that've blocked you from optimal health and happiness you can uncover the inner strength, certainty, and integrity that’s already within you. We have the option to record these sessions, so you can return back to them at anytime.

  • Personalized meal plans, shopping list, and gut health coaching to optimize your gut flora and get to the root of harmful inflammation that sometimes surfaces as excess weight, sporadic mood and energy levels, low libido, you name it. My approach is realistic; I guide you to intuitively choose foods that fuel and heal you, without eliminating foods (and drinks) that you *can't* (ahem) live without. Our work together will forever change the way you think about food, your body, and most importantly, your long-term health. Gut health is your first line of defense against disease and illness.

  • Personalized workout plans to meet your needs and lifestyle. 30 minute workouts for days when you don't have much time. Ass-kickers to satisfy your primal drive...but also restorative and recovery sessions to balance your yin energy and prevent injury. I am accustomed to designing workouts around any schedule, interest, or level of available equipment - full gyms, home gyms, household items. 

  • Weekly 20 minute guided meditations and journal prompts that are personalized specifically for you.  Yep. This is the inner work part...the part that continues beyond our one-hour sessions. Mastery (of anything) involves PRACTICE and building your awareness of why you "default" to certain behaviors or thoughts takes time and devotion. But the outcomes that come, as a result of changing these "defaults" and re-wiring your brain, are....hard to put into words, to be honest. You can live each day, deeply present, without unnecessary anxiety, stress, or escapism...because you feel in control of a life you love. 

  • Unlimited e-mail and voice message support - for 3 months! 

Frequently Asked Questions...


How is this different than a personal trainer or nutrition coach? Or a therapist?

Think of it as ALL THREE, bundled into one. Massive change in our lives requires a holistic approach, because our mind, body, and soul are deeply interconnected. Unfortunately, our medical system, gyms, and mental health professionals still largely operate in isolation...which means we may see the needle move a little bit in one area of our life...but overall, still feel stuck in destructive patterns. I provide these services together, because I understand how our mind, body, and soul can operate in tandem...and how life feels when they're all fragmented and treated in isolation. I do this "holistic" work as if I were serving my own extended family...because it's ultimately the support I wish they'd had to avoid disease and illness. With that said, while I am a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, I am not a trained therapist...which brings me to the next common question:

Why are you, a woman, qualified to teach ME about masculinity? 

GREAT question. Pull up a seat.

While I obviously have the certification and experience in exercise and gut health / nutrition, the mental health component I've largely learned from none other than...LIFE ITSELF. I come from a long line of "masculine" men who've been wounded or broken by their upbringing or the world around them...and in some cases, their wounds have lead to them break others (such as my mother). Men who were often unintentionally told from a young age that they're not whole or that their feelings are not they've obsessively searched for external validation in their adult life. My grandfather came from little, and was the oldest son of immigrants who homesteaded on a farm in Minnesota. So he became the patriarch to his siblings and went off to fight in three wars, the worst being WWII. He came home, met my grandmother, and on the outside, lived a life in love and security. But internally, he brought his wounds home with him...and (again unintentionally and unconsciously) bestowed them upon his five children. My husband also comes from a "masculine" line of machismo. He too has served in the military, and now works in federal law enforcement...and he's learned the beauty of embodied masculinity, as well as the dangers of a masculinity that's not disciplined, humble, and stable. 

I do have a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and have spent years in traditional middle and high school systems, as both a teacher and administrator. All of the "wounded" students that I will never forget, from both wealthy and poor neighborhoods, were all males who, even as teenagers, were taught they were they tried to make sense of their masculinity through destructive action and reaction. 

All of these boys, men...and women, like my mom, who've been broken by wounded men...have led me here to this work. Will I feel pulled to get another degree so I can become officially "qualified" ? Possibly. But the medical, wellness, and mental health systems, which currently operate in isolation, so far haven't offered a degree or path that I feel called to...a path that truly serves the whole person. 

Do you work with couples? My partner or spouse would like to be involved in this...

I do... and sometimes a client's partner or spouse may join a session. However, this is on a case-by-case basis; while it's helpful (and necessary!) to have our partner's support on our health journey, the inner work must be ours and our alone. No one can do it for us. For that reason, every session is entirely confidential. 

What's the timeline and investment? 

I work with clients, on a rolling enrollment, for 90 days (12 weeks). I find that this is the amount of time it takes to truly re-pattern our habits and turn a new page in our life. The work is never done...even after the 90 days... but after our time together, you will have the tools and skills to fall back on, for the rest of your life. You will look and feel like a different person, while recognizing the blessings that are already in your life on a deeper level. Payment is as follows:

Pay in Full: $2,500 - You save $500!

Payment Plan: $1,000 per month for 3 months ($3,000 total) 

Start date depends on scheduling that works for both of us. E-mail me at or book a call to learn more information, ask questions, and finalize a date. 

P.S. I've also been right where you're at...thinking "Wowza...that's a lot for something I've never done before"...except I was looking at that amount for a THREE DAY solo-retreat in Sedona. For someone who'd never attended a therapy session before, who'd never worked with healers or a personal trainer, and for someone who's described by her husband as "cheap" when it comes to all things felt like a irrational leap for our bank account. 

But I had this tug in my gut that was honestly deeper than any part of my mind could logically weasel its way out of...and I needed REAL I took the leap.  


And in THREE DAYS, I had one of the most transformational times of my life. I embarked on a journey into myself...and found a strength and freedom from fear that was WITHIN ME ALL ALONG. 

If my life can transform in just three days, I want you to pause for a moment and visualize what YOUR LIFE could look like in 90 DAYS. You deserve the life you dream of. Come claim it. 

Here's to the future you...

a fully confident, 

embodied man...

Boxing Gloves

I'm Ready.

To unshackle myself from self-sabotaging habits and patters

To live a life of discipline that optimizes my mental and physical life

To show up fully and authentically, for myself and others 

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