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Healthy Food

Health Creates Happiness

Change Your Diet...
Change Your Life

No counting. No punishing.

No random restrictions.

Intuitively choose foods that fuel you. 

Learn which foods help and harm your unique gut.

Crush your goals.

Change your life. 


Read on!

Literally everything in your life...


your relationships

your energy levels

your success

your appearance

your mood impacted by what you put into your body everyday. 


I could get into the science of it all...the vagus nerve, the connection between our gut and our brain, the importance of gut diversity, ya-da-ya-da...and I definitely will in some of our sessions. But what you should know now is that...

When you change your diet...

When you truly master it and know how to fuel your unique body...

You change your life. 

All parts of it. 

And when others around see YOU change, THEY start to change too!

They start to master their own lives.

So here you are. 

You've arrived here for a reason. 

Something deep within you knows that it's time.

That you're ready.

That you want to make a change...

One that actually works.

One that lasts.

One that you can stick to. 

And here's what I promise...

NO counting

NO tracking

NO random restrictions

NO additional supplements, powders, or products. 





Here's what you'll walk away with at the end of our 6 weeks together:

An entirely NEW, life-changing view of food and gut health. 

  • You’ll see food as an abundant source of nutrients and will know exactly what your body needs each day. 

  • You'll understand the connection between what you eat and your mood / energy levels each day. 

  • You’ll find a balance between foods that fuel you and foods that fill you up with joy. 

A new view of your body and what it does for you every day. 

  • Your body’s talkin’ to ya! Every damn day! You’ll learn how to tune in to it, give it what it needs, and it will love you in return...weight will be lost, skin issues will clear up, mood and energy levels will rise, passion will be restored. 

  • You’ll stand confidently in the mirror, in whatever you please (even if it’s nothing at all!)...with pride in a body that LIVES and PROVIDES for you every day

A new view of yourself and your power. 

  • AMAZING things happen when we shed the baggage. We see just what we’re capable of and we tap into our power… we reignite passion, we step up in roles we’d previously shrunken away from, we lay down the law, we RISE UP and RADIATE to everyone around us. 


And when you take charge of your own health… 


Your daughters, sons, nieces and nephews. 

Your sisters and brothers. 

Your parents.  


Change Your Diet, Change Your Life is FOR YOU if:


  • You're ready to look and feel better than you ever have, but struggle to stay consistent amidst a crazy busy life 

  • You know the value of your health, but have neglected it because you've put others' needs before your own 

  • You want to feel energized, confident, and proud, even with nothing on, but you're unsure about which foods fuel you

  • You know that health can’t wait any're READY to change your life


The 6 Week Partner Program is NOT for you if:


  • You want a quick fix... this is a life-changing 6 weeks that focuses on so much more than just how you WILL lose weight… but you’ll also see an increase in energy, improved mood, a decrease in cravings...and you’ll gain a crystal-clear understanding of your body.


The Partner Program Includes:


  • 6 weeks of 60-minute private coaching sessions with me. I use my nutrition expertise and experience to get personal, because every client has different needs.  We look at what you already eat on a regular basis. We identify exactly what nutrients your bodies need and in what amounts. We also get laser-focused on your reactions to certain foods throughout the 6 I can identify how your bodies fuel, how they react to potentially inflammatory foods, and ultimately, how you can feel like the bad ass you are. NOTE: We have the option to record these sessions, so you can return back to them. And I LOVE answering questions! No question is too silly. I’ve actually GONE SHOPPING with clients via FaceTime!

  • A personalized shopping list, designed so you can load up on nutrients and crush your goals. I carefully select foods to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs, from the foods you eat. I also include recommendations for supplements and teas to help aid any ailment. 

  • Personalized meal options and recipes to meet your needs and lifestyle...for the on-the-go meal preppers, the “cook every meal for everyone” person, the imbalanced eater, the “I don’t touch the kitchen with a 10 foot pole” people. 

  • Unlimited e-mail and voice message support for 2 months! Yep...I’ve added an extra two weeks, after we’re done with private coaching! Clients ask me ALL THE TIME about foods in their fridges, cupboards, pantries...galore!




  • Exclusive Health Creates Happiness food and time journal templates that are YOURS to keep! You can return back to them anytime you feel you want to “check in” with you body again...and you will have the knowledge and skills to do so!


Topics Included, but Most Definitely Not Limited To:


  • Food as an Abundant Source of Fuel rather than Numbers, Restriction, or Punishment: Gone are the days of counting calories, tracking points, restricting or punishing yourself for weight gain or bad choices. Say hello to a new view of food...and a deep, genuine love for your body!

  • Food Freedom through Macronutrients: Learn about the quality of food you eat and what nutrients your body needs every day to function as a healthy, happy self! You will develop such a close relationship with your body, that you will be able to freely make decisions based on your body’s needs, rather than trying to calculate calories or points...which drives anyone insane!

  • Natural Remedies to Aid any Ailment: This is where we get laser-focused on what’s really going on in that body of yours! We get nitty gritty into vitamins and minerals from the foods you eat and natural remedies for: anxiety, low energy, sleep issues, chronic joint pain, bloat, digestive issues and inflammation. 

Your Investment Options:

Paid in Full: 

  • $497 (over $100 in savings)

Payment Plan: 

  • First payment of $300 due upon acceptance into program

  • Second payment of $300 due by the end of week 5

  • Total payment: $600 

To your health and happiness, 

Image by Edgar Castrejon

I'm Ready!

To choose foods freely and confidently.

To know exactly what my body needs.

To lose the weight FOR GOOD!

To master my health, for myself and others.

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